Ride in Seattle Washington

Yamyam bikers will be doing a ride for charity to raise money for a cure for aids and breast care awareness, we will be collecting donations from anyone looking to come join us for the ride, it will be a 1-2 hour event were we just cruise and then go out to lunch together, we will try to find a venue big enough to accommodate all of us.

Things you will need to bring are:

Water/Food: bring this just incase you get hungry and want to get something to eat or just something to munch on. Chips,Granola Bar are just some examples

Your Motorcycle: obviously were would you be going without it.

Helment/ Safety Gear: please bring this, even though it will be hot just remember its always a good idea to bring to much then to little

Money for gas and donation: please do not forget this

Light Snack or lunch if you don’t want to eat out

We will be driving through Seattle and seeing the many sights and going through a couple museums and optionally we will be going up to the Seattle Space Needle

If you need to borrow a bike or rent a bike we have a hookup for you from Seattle exotic car rentals done let the name fool you they rent our motorcycles as well.

rent here

So with that being said we hope to see you all there and hope to have a great time with us and helping out our community.


Welcome To Yamyam Biker

YamYam Biker is a PNW biker club that focuses on giving its members the best experiences and rides of there lives

Our blog is about stories and our great appreciation to our PNW local business that help us, becuase without them most of our rides would of ended in a disaster

so without further ado we will begin blogging about our current adventures and rides in the beautiful state of Washington